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Microtrend of the Moment: X-Ray

Saturday March 30, 2013

x ray

Leggings; bodysuit

The X-ray trend is a fun one for Summer 2013 that carried over from last fall.  Look for tops and bodysuits with rib cage prints or cut outs, or shorts and leggings with pelvic bone and leg bone prints.  It's definitely an edgy alternative to skulls!  I recommend wearing something like the x-ray bodysuit under a neon skater skirt or a pair of high waist cut off shorts.  The x-ray leggings would look great with a bright colored tunic and a cropped leather jacket.

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Off Shoulder Tops

Saturday March 30, 2013


off shoulder topsOne thing I'm in love with for the Spring, summer, and even Fall (yes, I see girls wearing this top during colder months too!) is off shoulder tops.  Not just any off the shoulder top, but the style that actually looks like it's falling off due to the drapey long sleeves.  The secret is, these tops fit like a tube top with elastic around the bust, and the sleeves are only partially sewn on, to give it that effortless look.

What's great about these tops is that they're easy, the match ANYTHING, and they always make a statement -- whether you pair them with a skirt, shorts, or just plain old jeans, you're sure to get plenty of compliments on this one!

Black top by SaboSkirt.com; neon coral off shoulder top by OohLaLuxe.com; mint lace of shoulder top by Tobi.com; peach off shoulder dress also by Tobi.com

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Microtrend of the Moment: Watercolor Prints

Wednesday January 30, 2013

Fashion trends can be hit or miss; even as a lover of fashion I can admit this!  But here's one that I love -- watercolor prints.  They're so pretty, feminine, and a great alternative to traditional floral prints for spring.  I'm seeing everything from brush stroke prints, to floral water color prints, to shades that are inspired by watercolor-like pastels.  watercolor printsWatercolor plus size blouse by Forever21.com; water color skirt by Xhiliration at Target.com; Watercolor Romantic Dress from ModCloth.com; Saphire Dolls strapless water color dress from Dillards.com; Kas Keke Floral Print Shorts from NiemanMarcus.com; Jessica Simpson Twist Bust Maxi Dress; plus size floral print denim skinny jeans by Levi's.

Photos from ShopStyle.com

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Sequin Print Skirts

Wednesday January 30, 2013

Sequins just aren't enough!  This Spring designers are taking sequins to the next level by mixing them with fun prints and patterns.  A sequined aztec print skirt, anyone?  Try one of these on for size with a basic pastel top for a statement making look:

sequin print skirts

Heart and Soul Sequin Skirt and blue Tribal Sequin Skirt both by HauteandRebellious.com; Sequin Detail Tate Skirt by Lily Pulitzer; Multi-color Sequin Skirt by Romwe.com; Sequin Embellished Mini-skirt by Express.com.

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Microtrend of the Moment: Leather Inserts

Tuesday January 29, 2013

If there's one thing to know about my approach to fashion it's that I love leather.  I think it looks great on or with anything, it adds texture to any outfit and an edge to anything girly.  So it's not hard to fathom that I'm a huge fan of leather inserts, one of the hottest trends from fall/winter, that will hopefully carry over throughout Spring as well. 

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Microtrend of the Moment: Candy Wrapper Clutches

Wednesday January 16, 2013

candy wrapper clutchWell here's something unique and eye-catching that I'm seeing pop up quite a bit on fashion blogs -- candy wrapper clutches.  No, that's not an actual candy wrapper pictured above; yes, it is indeed a purse and it's large enough to hold all of your stuff in it for a night out on the town.  So what do you think -- do you love or hate this trend?  For me personally, I'm not a big fan; they're a bit too cumbersome and kitschy, but they definitely are fun so I can see why some girls love them!

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Microtrend of the Moment: Garter Leggings

Sunday December 30, 2012

garter leggings

Now here's a controversial trend that I'm seeing pop up in more fashion-forward circles -- garter leggings (also called suspender leggings).  Popularized by Australian brand Black Milk, affordable garter leggings in a variety of fabrics, colors, and even prints, are making their way into the mainstream.  For the daring few who want to take on this trend, they look best with a high low tunic or oversized sweater.  So tell us in the comments section, what do you think of this look -- trendy or tacky?

Both pairs from MissKL.com, $57.

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Micro-trend of the Moment: Mirrored Metal Belts

Wednesday December 19, 2012

One of my absolute favorite trends of the moment is a gold mirrored metal belt.  Nothing really "completes" an outfit like a great belt, but a mirrored belt in particular really elevates any look.


With A Skirt -- Metal belts really look best with mini skirts.  They're also versatile enough to work for day or night. For instance, a thick rectangular metal belt is the perfect way to style a leather a-line skirt and button down combo, worn at the natural waist.

With A Dress -- Metal belts can also look great with certain dresses, especially evening and cocktail dresses.  Choose a thick but wider mirrored metal belt for these occasions, and limit it to solids, particularly black, white, oxblood and mint.

With Jeans or Pants -- Opt for a skinny metal belt worn at the hip when pairing one with skinny jeans or tailored slacks.  Looks great with a tucked in blouse.

Here are a few of my favorite mirrored metal belts from around the web:

metal belts

Topshop.com Skinny Clean Metal Belt - $36
TopShop.com Clean Metal Belt - $50
Asos.com Asos/Asos Curve Metal Bow Belt - $23.70
Asos.com Asos/Asos Curve Triangle Metal Plate Belt - $25.87
HauteAndRebellious.com Small Gold Plated Belt - $45
HauteAndRebellious.com Gold Plated Belt - $52.50

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Designer Gift Alert: Rebecca Minkoff Pop Phone

Sunday December 16, 2012

rebecca minkoff

Who doesn't love getting fun, designer, and completely impractical gifts for Christmas? Most people love being given something enjoyable that they normally wouldn't buy for themselves.  One of my favorite potential gifts that falls into that exact category is the Pop Phone by fashionista favorite, Rebecca Minkoff.  It's a handset for your iphone, and it comes in three great graffiti prints. For $48 via Nordstroms it's definitely a must for any Minkette's in your life.

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Thrift Shopping with Olivia of Style Beyond

Thursday November 29, 2012

Just recently I got the chance to talk to fashion blogger Olivia, the girl behind fab fashion blog Style Beyond.  She gave me some great tips about finding amazing pieces at discount and thrift shops:

Can you give our readers any tips on finding amazing pieces at thrift, vintage and discount shops?
Be patient and thorough! That's really the key, if you're a hunter and you're relentless about finding what you want you probably will.  It's not for everyone, I enjoy the challenge of shopping.  You also have to go to the right neighborhoods, and for discount shops know when they get new shipments in and go then and comb through everything.  The good stuff is always gone early.

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