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Kimberly Lawson

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Welcome to the About.com Teen Fashion site, written and managed by fashion guru Kimberly Lawson.


Kimberly Lawson has had a love affair with fashion since the age of six when she began designing clothes with just about anything she could find, usually including paper bags and crayons. She embarked on a career as a freelance blogger and writer while attending FIDM in Los Angeles, covering everything from celebrity gossip, lifestyle, and, of course, fashion. After graduation she built a successful online fashion boutique and began a career as a wardrobe stylist. In addition to her work as an About.com guide, Kimberly is also the fashion director at a bridal magazine and runs a fashion consulting business for emerging boutiques and fashion lines.


Kimberly graduated from the Fashion Institution of Design and Merchandising with a degree in Fashion Merchandise Product Development.

By Kimberly Lawson:

Although it's great to take inspiration from high fashion, style doesn't have to come with a high price tag, and there's no better place to experiment with clothing than high school. It's my job to find out who's wearing what and what's trending now, and present that all to you.

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