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Interview with Ainsley Bailey of Disney's Shake it Up


Ainsley Bailey

Ainsley Bailey

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Disney Channel star Ainsley Bailey is famous for her role as Dina on the hot Disney Channel show Shake It Up. She’s also an emerging style star, who turns heads on the red carpet with her adorable cocktail dresses and perfectly styled tresses. I was lucky enough of to chat with Ainsley about life on the set of her show, what inspires her style, and her hair and beauty secrets.

Teen Fashion: How did you get started as an actress and what inspired you to get into the field?
Ainsley Bailey: I actually started acting when I was ten years old in community theater as an after school activity and I absolutely fell in love with it. After doing a few plays I wanted to get into the TV and film side, I’ve always been a huge fan of movies. When I was 17 I went after it full force to make it my career, but my whole life it’s been a big dream of mine.

TF: What is a typical day on set like?
AB: It’s funny because you kind of get into your routine even though it’s kind of a larger than life thing. We rehearse on Thursday and Friday, and Monday and Tuesday we shoot. But it’s pretty cool to see how much work just goes into creating one little 30 minute episode, so the behind the scenes things are cool.

TF: How would you describe your everyday personal style, and your red carpet style?
AB: I’m definitely very girly, most of my wardrobe is pink or has some sort of sparkle in it. I love sundresses and I love being very comfortable, so a lot of jeans and t-shirts and things. As far as red carpet goes, I love getting dressed up, but its pretty classic, I don’t take a lot of bold fashion risks. It’s still very girly though, I love pink sparkly dresses, Toddlers and Tiara’s style dresses with poofy skirts!

TF: Do you get to keep any of the clothes from the set?
AB: There was one shirt that I just fell in love with, it was a really cool green graphic tee that I wore in the Christmas episode, Jingle it Up. I asked the wardrobe where they got it; it was from Custo Barcelona. I went to the store and they didn’t have it, but wardrobe let me keep. I love it and I wear it a lot.

TF: Do you have any style icons?
AB: As far as designers I love Betsey Johnson, especially her colors; I just love all of her things. And I think Zooey Deschanel's style is very girly, classic, sweet and innocent. I think a lot of her red carpet looks are very cute.

TF: What are your favorite places to shop?
AB: I love Free People, and I love Forever 21, they have such a great selection and it’s all very affordable. I always look for sales and great bargains.

TF: Do you have any advice for teens who emulate your style?
AB: I guess just make it your own. Wear things that inspire you and make you feel comfortable. I never really follow trends, if I see something I think is cute I’ll wear it regardless of whether it’s in or if it’s last season, I just wear things that I think are pretty. Wear things that you like.

TF: Do you have a favorite item of clothing?
AB: I love jewelry, and I have this really cute necklace that my mom got me for Christmas; it’s a silver fawn, and I love fawn and deer. I saw it and I wanted it so bad but it was a bit of a splurge, and I was disappointed because when I went back to the store it was sold out. But as it turned out, my mom had already gotten it for me for Christmas.

TF: What is the last piece of clothing you added to your wardrobe?
AB: My last big purchase was a dress I wore to the Teen Choice awards after party, that was very last minute but very exciting!

TF: You hair and makeup always looks great; do you have any beauty, hair and skincare products that you can recommend?
AB: My mom is good with hair and makeup, she helps me with my red carpet looks. I’m really into lip gloss, and this is something I splurge on -- I look for bargains for my clothes, but makeup I’ll go all out for. I love Chanel, their lip gloss is so pretty, shimmery and sparkly; I love it. They also have really great matte lipsticks that aren’t too drying. It’s Chanel, so it makes you feel very glam.

TF: I know that you don't follow trends, but are there any right now that you love or hate?
AB: I do love all the sequins, I’m enjoying that and it’s great for shopping. As far as trends that I don’t like, I can’t really think of anything specific, It’s a little much when people try to do too many trends at once. But if that’s what people like to wear, and if they like being really out there, then great for them, I’m just a little more reserved in my fashion sense so one bold piece at a time is great for me.

Thank you, Ainsley! Be sure to watch Shake It Up to see Ainsley in action, and follow her on twitter in the meantime.
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