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Get the Look: One Direction Style

One Direction Fashion


Move over Justin Beiber! There are five guys from across the pond who are stealing our hearts, and space on our ipods. One Direction is the hot new British boy band that was discovered by Simon Cowell, of American Idol fame, on the UK version of X Factor. Charming accents, boyish good looks and great tunes aside, this singing quintet also makes a splash with their eye catching style. One Direction’s approach to fashion is young, fresh and always put together, and each of the boys has his own distinct style. Keep reading to find out how guys and girls can steal their looks.

1. Louis

Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction perform live on stage at Hisense Arena on April 16, 2012 in Melbourne, Australia.
Scott Barbour/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
When it comes to style, Louis Tomlinson's quirky sense of fashion definitely stands out in the group. On stage, he’s often seen sporting his trademark suspenders, and he can also be spotted in his usual nautical inspired looks in candids. To pull off his style, striped shirts are a must, as are a pair of rolled up khaki’s or colored bottoms. Boys, make this look work for you with a pair of daring red Skinny Chinos by Asos ($41.43), and match it up with a more neutral tee, like the Cream Stripe Knitted T-shirt by Topman ($55) or Selected Stamford Striped T-Shirt from Asos ($29.83). Girls can get in on the action too, with the fun Striped Foil Anchor top by Alloy ($22.90).

2. Niall

One Direction Niall Style
Photo @ Express.com
Niall Horan lives in comfy polos, sweatshirts and colored cardigans. He has the most down to earth style of all five guys and loves to layer. To pull off style like his, pair a great polo like the Modern Fit Small Lion Pique Polo by Express ($23.94), available in just about every color, with the Color Block Cotton Cardigan ($59.90), also by Express, or layer a colorful hoody like the unisex Hanes Ultimate Cotton Hoodie Sweatshirt from Sierra Trading Post ($15.36) underneath your favorite tailored blazer.

3. Liam

One Direction Liam Style
Photo @ RalphLauren.com
Who has the most rugged style out of the five members of One Direction? Easy; it’s Liam! His daily uniform is all about dark wash jeans, plaid button downs and boots. He has been photographed in plaid shirts of all kinds, from flannel to crisp pastel colored linen patterns. Something like the Plaid Woven Shirt from Just a Cheap Shirt at Nordstrom ($31.90) or the lighter colored Denim & Supply Orange Plaid Shirt care of Ralph Lauren ($44.99) is right up his alley. Complete the look with the Canvas Men’s Chelsea Boots by Lands End ($37.97).

4. Harry

Harry Styles One Direction Style
Photo @ Quicksilver.com
Harry Styles may be the baby of the group, but his fashion style is all grown up. He can be seen on and off the red carpet in casual dress clothes, usually made up of tweed or tuxedo blazers paired with V-neck t-shirts. Girls can steal his style with a collegiate inspired blazer like the School Boy Blazer by Quiksilver ($37.59), and guys can add a bit of laid back sophistication to their looks with the Asos Slim Fit Grey Tuxedo Suit Blazer ($115). Keep in mind that Harry is not afraid of color, so try something like the sherbert hued Pop Color Blazer by Charlotte Russe ($39.99). Pair it with your favorite v-neck and tennis shoes.

5. Zayn

Zayn Malick One Direction Style
Photo @ Urban Outfitters
One Direction member Zayn Malick is known for a lot of things, beyond his slicked black hair and handsome features. His every day style is urban, collegiate and sporty. Comfy baseball jackets, relaxed fit jeans or khaki’s, baseball caps and a bright colored pair of Nike’s are his usual uniform. Guys and girls can steal his style by showing a bit of school spirit by wearing their schools letterman’s jacket; alternatively, there are plenty of sports themed baseball jackets available, but a more stylish choice would be the Undefeated Mascot Jacket by Urban Outfitters ($69.99) or a logo Letterman Hoodie from Bebe ($79).

6. Red Carpet Style

As a group, One Direction knows how to compliment each other without being too matchy-matchy. Their style is clean cut and polished, modern preppy, with a splash of GQ. The boys are often seen in tailored suits, but they’re far from boring; these boys go for colored blazers and pants, and match them up with stylish skinny ties. The group is also fond of bow-ties and cardigan sweaters, and to top it all off, they often paired these looks with tennis shoes to show they’re not too high maintenance. Both guys and girls can emulate One Directon’s red carpet style by looking for colored pants and jackets with slim, modern fits in great colors like crimson, teal and burgundy. Colored bottoms aren’t always easy to find for guys, but luckily Cotton On comes to the rescue with it’s Stealth Skinny Chino Pants ($49.50), which come in dusty shades of red, purple and green. The salmon pink colored Slim Fit Blazer ($49.71) and the Slim Fit Chambray Suiting ($20.71 - $49.71) in electric blue, both by Asos, are great alternative choices.
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