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20 Fashion Industry Insiders To Follow On Instagram


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Photo @ RebeccaMinkoff.com
Everyone gets style inspiration from somewhere, and there's no more convenient way to find it than via instagram. Here is a collection of twenty of the best fashion centric instagram accounts from tastemakers themselves -- fashion editors, stylists, designers, models, photographers and so many more.

Fashion Designers

@prabalgurung - High quality, colorful and eclectic photos from this amazing designer.

@katespadeny - If you love Kate Spade's style you'll also enjoy her whimsical, vintage inspired captures on instagram.

@dearcreatures - For all the vintage gals out there, following the instagram of Bianca Benitez and Rob Sinclair, the designers behind Dear Creatures, is a must.

@rebecca_minkoff - Her bags are to die for, and so are the playful and inspirational photos she shares with her followers on instagram, including some amazing accessory shots and much more.

@rachel_roy - Fashion designer Rachel Roy shows us her everyday life beyond just fashion -- includes her philanthropic efforts and how she raises her daughters.


@formichetti - Nicola Formichetti is a fashion director and stylist known for his work with Theirry Mugler and Lady Gaga. You'll enjoy this irreverent and often times off topic (but still stylish!) inside look at his life.

@thezoereport - Celebrity fashion stylist Rachel Zoe keeps us up to date with what it's like to be the top stylist in Hollywood, with behind the scene photos from fittings and fun fashion inspiration.

@susancernek - Follow Glamour's Fashion Development Director on her world travels and trips to fashion showrooms to find the worlds best in fashion.

@mrbradgoreski - You know him from the Rachel Zoe Project and his own show It's A Brad Brad World. Now follow this celebrity fashion stylist on instagram.

@JuneAmbrose - Yet another TV stylist, June Ambrose is the star of VH1's show Styled by June. She shows off some of her greatest looks and everyday style on her fashion instagram account.


@LaPantin - Lauren Pantin is the market editor at Glamour, and her instagrammed photos are just as fun and quirky as she is.

@hillary_kerr - If you already love Who What Wear, you'll absolutely enjoy following Hilary Kerr's fashion themed instagram feed -- get an inside look at what it's like to be the editorial director of a top online fashion site.

@CeliaStyle - Celia Smith is the fashion editor of Essence magazine, and her ever so stylish instagram shows how she puts together a fashion story, and so much more.

@tamumcpherson - Tamu Mcpherson is the editor-in-chief of Grazia.it , as well as a fashion street style photographer. You already know this double threat is going to have plenty of amazing photos to share.


@cocorocha - Coco Rocha is an courageous and outspoken fashion model who gives us all an inside look at what it's like to be a supermodel with behind the scenes photos from runway shows and fashion fittings.

@karliekloss - Follow this young top model to fittings and beyond.

@lara_stone - Super model Lara Stone's instagram shows that models too are every day people.


@oscarprgirl - Her twitter and tumblr are already wildly famous, now we can all take a look at what it's like to do PR for one of the worlds most famous brands.

@sisiliapiring - Sisilia Piring is a fashion photographer who has worked with some of the best, including Vogue Italia and Urban Outfitters. Enough said!

@thvpr - THV PR shares their press clippings and how they keep their high fashion clients happy.
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