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Eight Essential Fashion Industry Blogs


When it comes to the fashion blogosphere, we all love taking a gander into someone elses closet and getting a glimpse of what they wear daily, but fashion bloggers have much more to offer than their daily looks. Some of the oldest and most inspiring fashion blogs on the net come from industry insiders. Many of them provoke us with glamorous photos of beautiful clothes and exciting parties, while teaching us the ins and outs of what they do for a living. Especially for those who are interested in a career in fashion, check out these eight hot blogs that give you a look at the industry from the inside.

1. PRCouture

We hear plenty about career paths of fashion designers, fashion stylists and fashion buyers, but not too much about fashion PR. That’s slowly changed with successful tv shows like Kell On Earth , but PR Couture has been informing the masses about this career path since long before then. The site regularly features interviews with successful PR firms, tips for aspiring fashion interns and even lists job leads in the field.

2. TheFashionSpot.com Forums

It’s not a forum per se, but any guide to online fashion industry websites is incomplete without mentioning The Fashion Spot Forums, specifically their Careers & Education forum. Many threads are a few years old, but still contain valuable information from established fashion editors , stylists, buyers and PR professionals. If you can score an invite to the site, you can register and speak with them directly as well.

3. Fashionista.com

Fashionista is the go to spot for those who are aspiring to be a part of the fashion industry, especially aspiring fashion magazine interns. They have a great mix of advice for interns, profiles on current interns and industry news. You can even find a few leads for fashion internships there as well. For those who are interested in becoming wardrobe stylists, make sure you read their series of interviews with stylist Sally Lindley.

4. Building the Boutique

The Building the Boutique blog (created and edited by yours truly) focuses on the ins and outs of launching a fashion boutique. The five year old blog covers just about everything aspiring buyers need to know as far as securing lines for your shop, working with sales reps, navigating market week, and plenty more.

5. Independent Fashion Bloggers

Believe it or not, fashion blogging is a career for many, if not a path to a career in fashion. Independent Fashion Bloggers is a great resource for those who take blogging seriously and want it to be much more than a hobby. They already have a great database of articles showing you how to promote, monetize and optimize your fashion blog as well as your social media profiles.

6. Fashion Incubator

One of the oldest, most comprehensive and informative fashion industry websites on the web is Fashion Incubator. This no-fluff blog covers everything an aspiring fashion designer needs to know to get their blog up and running, from construction, to sourcing, to manufacturing, and so much more.

7. Monica Rose Stylist

Monica Rose is responsible for dressing the entire Kardashian family, as well as a slew of other celebrities like Keri Hilson and Guiliana Rancic. Although her blog doesn’t give much insight into what it takes to start a career as a stylist, it’s still a fun read; she keeps it updated regularly with what her clients are wearing, and also posts tons of gorgeous fashion editorials that inspire her. Definitely a fun read.

8. Jak & Jil

For the aspiring fashion photographers of the world, there’s probably no better inspiration than street style photographer Tommy Ton’s blog, Jak & Jil. His popular blog puts a unique spin on fashion blogging and street style blogging, by focusing on candids and detail with his landscape style photographs.
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