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Spring 2013 Color Report


Coral, lavender and mint -- you're probably already seeing these three colors everywhere, and you probably have a few things in your closet as well. That's because they're three of the hottest shades for Spring 2013 -- keep reading for tips on how to wear these three and many more!

1. Coral & Neon Coral

Coral is definitely not new to this list; the color was insanely hot in 2012 and will continue to be popular through '13, so don't be so quick to throw out your neon coral skater skirts! Look for coral to be popular in the spring, with a more electric shade of bright coral to come in for summer.

Key items:
Coral lace or crochet skirts
- These uber feminine skirts look great with blousy tube tops and chiffon bodysuits.
Neon coral scuba skater skirts - Eye catching and cute, pair one of these skirts with a simple top for an effortlessly stylish look.
Coral crop tops - A coral bustier or bandeau is perfect to pair with cut-offs or a mint mini.

2. Mint (and Seafoam Green)

This gorgeous shade of green was everywhere last year -- we should've gotten sick of it, but we totally didn't because it's just so ridiculously pretty. Prepare to be bombarded with plenty of mint colored clothes this year as well.

Key items:
Mint jewelry
- Drop earrings, bubble necklaces and other statement necklaces look oh so pretty in shades of creamy mint. Wear these to compliment any outfits with a lot of coral or pink in them.
Mint dresses - Whether it’s a peplum, a lace mini, or an air high low, a mint dress of some kind is an absolute staple.
Mint mini-bags - Don’t forget about purses! A small crossbody bag in mint is a great way to add extra flare to any look.

3. Peach

How can you not fall in love with peach? It's feminine and pretty, and it's a great combination of two other lovable hues -- pink and orange.

Key items:
Peach maxi skirts
- Maxi skirts are finally back in style; pair your peach maxi with a lacy white top.
Peach blazers & cardigans - These were made for transition weather! Look for a great draped blazer or open jersey cardigan in a lovely, soft shade of peach -- they pair well with khaki and white.
Peach bubble necklaces - A great way to turn a plain shift dress or basic white tee into something even more stylish.

4. Jade

Jade is mint's cool older cousin, or aqua's step sister. The shade is much more bold than mint and has slightly more green in it than aqua. It's bright, bold and rich; so rich that it almost looks like a fall jewel tone, but it totally works for spring and summer (and is a great transition color!).

Key items:
Jade cocktail dresses
- This color looks great in satin, but it makes just about any fabric look richer than it is. It’s definitely a go-to color for short and flirty cocktail dresses.

5. Aqua & Turquoise

So many amazing shades of blue and green will be popular for 2013, so it’s a given that aqua will be one of them. Although it won’t make quite as big of a statement as mint and jade, aqua is still a great alternative on it’s own or when used in prints.

The difference between aqua or turquoise and jade or mint is the former colors have more blue in them.

Key items:
Aqua and white chevron print dresses
- Thank pinterest for the resurgence of chevron prints in not just home decor but fashion as well! Aqua chevron print shift dresses and one shoulder dresses are a must have for spring and summer.

6. Soft Pink

Also known as baby pink or light rose, nothing brings out the inner girly-girl like this shade. It pairs perfectly with denim, and other shades of blue (including mint and denim blue); be careful when wearing head to toe pink, as it can look a bit too frou-frou.

Key items:
Pink chiffon tops & studded tanks
- This color might not always be the best for bottoms, but baby pink tops are a must; it matches perfectly with aqua and mint.

7. Denim Blue

Here’s one color that’s hotter when paired with others than on it’s own.In fact, denim blue works best as a background for floral prints. Another way to pull it off is by wearing a pair of light blue jean shorts with a flowery top.

Key items:
Denim blue prints
- Look for amazing dresses and shorts in floral prints over denim blue.
Cut-offs - These are a must have for summer! Pick a pair in a medium or lighter colored wash, and wear it with a floral blouse that features a mix of any of the other colors on this list.

8. Oatmeal

This "natural" looking shade is the halfway point between off-white and beige; it’s always earthy, and is great for pulling off that much sought after boho look. It’s a neutral hue, so plenty of colors pair well with it, including many of the colors listed above.

Key items:
Oatmeal Crochet Shorts
- Look for a great pair of layered crochet shorts in Oatmeal; they’re stylish, unexpected, and pair well with coral.

9. Lemon

Surprisingly, yellow wasn’t a hot color in 2012, nor has it been for quite a while. This year, expect to see plenty of ruffly and sheer blouses and dresses in soft shades of yellow. Although this color isn’t universally friendly on all skin tones, it can definitely be feminine and eye catching on those who can pull it off.

Key items:

Lemon ruffled dresses
- If there’s a ruffled dress, or even blouse, on the rack, chances are it comes in several colors, with one of those being lem

10. Lavender

Shades of purple are impacting fashion once again, and in a big way. Lavender will be one of the hottest pastel shades of 2013. Look for pretty, flowy chiffon dresses and high low skirts in soft shades of purple, better known as lavender. These look great with a white lace bustier.

Key items:
Lavender dresses
- Look for any lavender dresses that are color-blocked with white lace.
Lavender off the shoulder tops - These tops look amazing with floral print high-waist shorts or ivory lace skirts.

11. Neon Yellow

Neon was insanely popular in 2012 and it's gearing up to be just as hot this year. Neon yellow will start to come in towards the end of spring, gearing up for summer, but don't be afraid to get in on the trend early!

Key Items:
Neon bandage skirts
- These look hot with a simple black tank or black off the shoulder top.
Neon skater skirts - These colorful skirts are a staple, and neon yellow is a great statement making shade to wear one in. Neon cut-offs - Colored bottoms are also a must-have for your spring and summer wardrobe! Have fun with neon denim cut-off shorts and pair them with basic white tee's and nude patent flats.
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