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Top Ten Fashion Trends for Fall/Winter 2012 & 2013


Cold weather is upon us, and that means it’s time to pull out your favorite winter coats, boots, and leggings. But it’s always fun to add a few new and trendy pieces into your wardrobe at the start of a new season. Below are 10 of the top trends for Fall/Winter ‘12/’13; choose wisely.

1. Lace & Lace Overlays

2013 fashion trends
Lace is one of those trends, like studs, that fluctuates in popularity every few years -- it will suddenly become very popular one season, fade a bit, and then come back strong a couple of years later. And why not? Lace is classic and beautiful, after all. But this season we’re seeing top designers put a new spin on lace by layering white lace on top of neon shades of pink, green and yellow, as well as other bright colors.

2. High Waist Leggings

2013 fashion trends
Who else is shocked that leggings are still popular? I can’t say I’m not. And although they might not be considered a wardrobe “staple” as much as they were a few years back, leggings are still impacting the market in a unique way. For Fall/Winter ‘12-’13 designers are going back to the drawing board with leggings and giving them high waists and making them look much more like pants.

3. Off the Shoulder Tops

2013 fashion trends
Off the shoulder tops are a strange trend for Fall and Winter, but one of the running themes this season is carrying over styles and colors that are traditionally Spring/Summer, so it makes sense. And the off the shoulder tops that are hot right now have long-sleeves with sloped shoulders, somewhat reminiscent in design to the cold-shoulder top.

4. Distressed Sweaters

Finally a trend that works in all climates! Sweaters can be a bit boring style wise, but they definitely don’t have to be. Look for sweaters with pulls, holes, and cut-outs on the sleeves. If they’re not quite warm enough, these items layer well.

5. Mirrored Belts

Belts are the perfect accessory because they bring an outfit together, and mirrored belts always add a very special touch to any outfit. Mirrored belts are generally gold, reflective, and can be bent to fit the body of the wearer. The best part is that they go with just about anything and they look especially great with a high waist skirt and blouse.

6. (Faux) Leather Inserts

One of my favorite trends of the moment is the leather insert. This trend can be seen everywhere, used in just about any article of clothing -- from trench coats with leather sleeves, to t-shirts with leather pockets, and of course leggings with leather panels across the thighs. These items are a great way to add an edgy, modern feel to your look.

7. Embellished Collars & Cuffs

2013 fashion trends
One of the most pervasive styles of the moment is that of the embellished collar. It’s nearly impossible to go into a boutique or chain store without being bombarded with sheer, button down blouses with everything from studs to rhinestones to jewels on the collar -- and that’s a great thing! You can take this trend even further by looking for a blouse with an embellished cuff and lapel.

8. Galaxy Prints

2013 fashion trends
Galaxy prints are one of the most fun micro-trends of the moment (as we profiled earlier this month on the blog). Some galaxy prints are better than others -- there are many out there that resemble Lisa Frank folders, or the darkside of the moon, but there are also gorgeous galaxy prints in black, blue and purple hues. You can find just about any garment in a galaxy print; try a pair of galaxy print leggings under a black sweater dress, or a high-waist a-line galaxy print skirt with a black leather peplum.

9. Summer & Spring Colors

2013 fashion trends
If you love colors that are typically popular in the spring and summer, you’re in luck. Although the predictable jewel tones will still be hot throughout the colder months, don’t expect to see your favorite stores cut back on pastels, neons, and other bright and bold summer hues. Look mint green, turquoise, nude, blush, bright lilac, and neon yellow to still be hot for Fall.

10. (Faux) Leather Everything

2013 fashion trends
One of the most statement making fall trends is an unexpected item done in leather -- think leather peplums and leather a-line skirts. The key is to look for silhouettes that are generally considered prim and proper, or very feminine, but cut in leather or faux leather, an unexpected touch.

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