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Where to Buy a Neon Skater Skirt Online


Two of Summer 2013's hottest trends are neon hues and high waist skater skirts, so it's no surprise to any fashionista that putting the two together makes for the ultimate style statement. Here are nine of the hottest neon skater skirts, in an array of different colors and styles, we've found around the web, along with a few tips on how to wear them.

1. Reverse Skater Skirt In Neon Abstract Print

Who needs solids when you can have bright neon prints? The Reverse Skater Skirt In Neon Abstract Print ($46.55 at Asos.com) is just that -- it essentially looks like splashes of neon yellow, hot pink and electric blue paint on a black canvas, how rad is that? And this cute, short high waist skater skirt looks great with solid colored bustier in neon yellow or hot pink.

2. Neon Orange Skater Skirt

Orange is in for summer 2013, and nothing puts a fresher spin on the color than it being done in neon. The Neon Orange Skater Skirt from ChicWish.com ($44.90) may be simple but it definitely makes a statement. We recommend pairing this one with a crisp white button down tank and a pair of fun summer sandals in a contrasting bright, like hot pink.

3. Neon Lace Skater Skirt

Another big 2013 fashion trend is lace, and neon lace makes a huge splash every time! That’s why the Neon Lace Skater Skirt from Delia’s (on sale for $14.99) is such a must have piece for the season. It may be super short, but you can’t help but fall in love with all the layers of feminine, bright coral lace.

4. Erin Neon Ponte Boxpleat Skater Skirt

Love pleats? Check out Erin Neon Ponte Boxpleat Skater Skirt from BooHoo.com ($20); this bright neon pink skater skirt has fairly large, subtle pleats in it, just enough for flair without adding too much bulk to figure. Best of all, this amazing skirt is available in sizes 4 through 10.

5. Kadie PU Waist Skater Skirt

Neon yellow is a must, but Motel puts a new spin on the neon skater skirt. Their Kadie PU Waist Skater Skirt comes in “citrus yellow” and is accented by a leather stripe around the waist, and an exposed zipper on the side. Looks great with a low cut white tank top and black bandeau.

6. Scuba Knit Skater Skirt

One thing you can always expect from Forever 21 is great pricing; if you’re on a budget, you can steal rock a neon skater skirt by nabbing the fab Scuba Knit Skater Skirt (only $13.80!) in neon coral from this retailer. Scuba is an amazing shiny and soft fabric, and any skater skirt made out of it is going to impress. Pair this cute skirt with a strapless white lace bustier and ankle strap skinny heels.

7. River Island makes the Green Skater Skirt

Jade is yet another signature color in fashion for 2013. Jade skater skirts aren’t as easy to find as neon pink and yellow, but they do exist! Thankfully River Island makes the Green Skater Skirt (£16), which is perfectly bold in hue. Pair it with a black crop top and a gold cuff or two and you’re good to go!

8. Fluro Mini Skater Skirt

One couldn’t possibly cover neon skater skirts without mentioning a neon lime skirt! The Fluro Mini Skater Skirt ($32) from TopShop.com is just that. Have fun with this one and pair it with another bright, like hot pink, and a great pair of strappy nude wedges.

9. Laser Cut Skater Skirt in Peach from ShopAkira.com

How about a new twist on the bright colored skater skirt? The Laser Cut Skater Skirt in Peach from ShopAkira.com ($32) is a must see with it’s mini cut out designs along the hem, and just about everywhere else! Not only is the cut of this skirt great, but so is the unique pattern. This one looks great with a white plunge bodysuit and nude lace up booties.
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