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Five Petite Fashion Bloggers to Follow


Fashion blogs are all the rage, so it’s not surprising that niche fashion blogs are popping up all over as well. One of the most popular niches at the moment is that of the petite fashion blog. Most petite fashion bloggers are 5’3” or shorter, and as many petite fashionista’s know, it isn’t always easy to find clothes that hang properly on such a small frame. But have no fear! These amazing style bloggers provide great inspiration for anyone with a similar body type. Below are a few of our favorite petite fashion bloggers:

The Fancy Teacup
Corporate accountant by day and style maven by night, The Fancy Teacup is a must-follow petite blogger for a lot of reasons. For one thing, this blog is unique; the blog credits itself as the “original editorial/magazine designed blogs” but regardless of whether this blogger was the first to do this or not, the fact of the matter is that she does it well. Her editorial shoots definitely have the professionalism of a print magazine without losing all the charm of an indie fashion blog. And we absolutely love her high quality photography, interspersed with photos of scenery, food and so much more. The Fancy Teacups style is a playful and fun take on classic shapes, and her style choices definitely compliment her small frame.

Monkey Shines
What’s not to love about The Monkey Shines? This style blogger proves that fashion isn’t just about what you wear but how you wear. What sets this bloggers style apart from the pack is her effortless digs that are uniquely her; who else could pair pumps with worn denim peddle pushers and make it look chic? My personal favorite look from her is her October 3rd outfit, titled Vivid Tribal, where she pairs a tribal skirt with a loose knit and an electric blue pea coat. Chic!

Petite Side of Style
Joanne is a fashion student, so obviously she has great style, and her blog Petite Side of Style shows that off to a tee. Her eclectic style mixes neutrals, prints, textures and eye catching accessories like fur hats for a look that’s uniquely her own. My personal favorite look from her is her October 17th post entitled Black Mac, where she wore an amazing patent leather trench coat, with tan pants, boots, and a lace accented sweater. And in addition to her outfit of the day posts, Joanne mixes it up with amazing inspiration photos she finds around the web.

Bleed for Fashion
Canadian blogger Lily from Bleed for Fashion might be on the shorter side, but her style is nothing but larger than life. Her style can be summed up as a fun mix of trendy items, pretty pastels, feminine fabrics, and standout vintage pieces. As for a favorite post, it’s hard to choose between the whimsical and fun Wanderlust post from May 27th, where Lily wore an adorable metallic lace party dress, accessorized perfectly with multi-colored balloons, and her more recent September 7th post, I Choose You, with an amazing pair of ripped denim shorts and a head wrap.

Wendy’s Lookbook
This youtube style guru turned fashion blogger is probably the most well known petite blogger on the scene. Her style is always sophisticated, but never stuffy, with lots of fur and feather accents, well tailored colored blouses, and vintage inspired a-line skirts, usually accented with a fabulous statement necklace or belt -- and we love her unique eye and way of pairing pieces together. Choosing just one -- or even two -- favorite posts from this amazing style blog is not an easy task! But one of Wendy’s looks that certainly stands out is her September 10th post Blue Tang :: Yellow lace & Royal Blue Silk, where she dons a regal looking yellow lace top with a long blue maxi skirt. And I can’t go without mentioning her August 15th post Black Swan :: Caviar beads & Delicate skirt featuring a gorgeous tan feathered skirt, amazing night photography, and a background of beautiful fountains.
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