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Olivia of Style Beyond


Olivia from Style Beyond has only been blogging about what’s in her closet for two years but she’s already managed to grab the attention of independant LA magazines, and international magazines alike. We absolutely love her cool, down to earth style and her unique photoshoots, which resemble candids more so than fashion shoots, and most of which take place in and around her beach side getaway. Here is what Olivia had to say about her style and her blog: What inspired you to start your blog, Style Beyond? I started my blog about two years ago, and there were already a ton of really popular fashion blogs up and running on the web. It was intimidating because their looks are really, really amazing, so I wondered if I could compete with that. It was really my boyfriend who encouraged me to do it and took my photos at first -- what he told me made sense, it’s not about competing with other style bloggers because we all have our own style, and there’s someone out there who will relate to that. So even though my outfits might not be the most decadent doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for what I do. How would you describe your style and what inspires it? It;s very casual, California chic with a touch of boho. I like very muted and neutral colors in case you didn’t notice because I’m a big fan of the ocean, so things like the color of the water, the color of the sky and the color of the sand inspires me -- that’s my favorite palette. What is your favorite look so far that you’ve posted? Probably one from earlier this year called Windows, I was on the way to a friends baby shower and I actually wore a top that was given to me by her on Christmas -- it’s pale pink with batwing sleeves and sort of latter detailed cut outs at the neckline, and a plunging back neckline as well. It’s silk -- I absolutely love the feel and the look even more so. It was so sweet of her to splurge on me like that! And I paired it with a mint bandage skirt and these nude and gold wedges that I love, and of course tons of bracelets -- I can’t leave home without my bracelets. My bag was Rebecca Minkoff, another steal. Who are some of your favorite designers? I’m not big on designer labels to be completely honest, I do love Rebecca Minkoff bags because the quality is good and it’s not just a “name”, you know? She takes time with craftmanship and has actually lowered her prices as it’s gotten more popular. But most of my Minkoffs I got from sample sales or online discount sales. Otherwise, I like pieces with some history, vintage pieces. But I’m no elitist, I still love snagging an amazing find from Forever 21, Zara or H&M. I also shop at a lot of local boutiques, especially for jewelry. What are your favorite fall trends and your least favorite? Least favorite -- I hate to be negative, it’s just my opinion I’m sure plenty of girls love them and that’s fine, plenty of them rock them, but those leather leggings? Especially the really shiny ones...I just can’t do those! It’s not my style, it’s a bit much I think and I won’t be sad when it’s gone. Also the wedges with no heels, not a big fan. I do love baroque styles and egyptian and tribal prints right now, even though I don’t wear much of either. I tend to stick to clean shapes and solids. What have you add to your closet for fall/winter, or what do you plan to add? Um, shorts? I know that sounds weird, but I really love wearing shorts in the winter and since I’m based in LA it’s not too cold and I can. So I bought a really nice pair of camel scalloped suede shorts with sort of an eyelet detail on them -- they’re totally cute and I plan to wear them with a sweater, boots and probably white tights so don’t worry about me getting too cold! And lots of sweaters of all types -- thick, long dusters, cardigans, and sweat shirts with crosses that hang off your shoulder. And I got a great resort piece, a fringed bikini, for a trip I’m taking to Panama next year.
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