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Real Teen Style: Rhoda of Style & Shades


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Rhoda is a regular teen, growing in Hong Kong and going to school, with a few major differences; she has enviable style, she runs a popular fashion blog called Style & Shades, and she's an aspiring fashion designer. We were lucky enough to score an interview with Rhoda, where she told us all about what inspires her style, where she likes to shop, and what the style scene is like in Hong Kong.

Teen Fashion: Where do you like to shop?
Rhoda: I really enjoy grabbing bits and pieces of clothing from H&M and Berska, sometimes Zara and Pull & Bear if I feel like spending more. However, to be honest I always end up in small boutiques around Hong Kong, cheap (well, not always) but unique!

TF: You find some great pieces at thrift shops -- what is your strategy when you go thrifting?
Rhoda: I've only been thrifting a couple of times when I was in the U.S., but the most important thing is to go in with a clear list of what you are looking for. It makes searching a lot easier because you are able to narrow down to the pieces you really want instead of wasting time flipping through the wrong section. Though if you have time, it never hurts to look through everything because you might score something amazing.

TF: You're also a fashion designer -- what kind of pieces do you like to design?
Rhoda: I am only 15 years old! Barely a 'fashion designer', but definitely an aspiring one. I love designing ready-to-wear pieces that are high-fashion, and putting together yet easy to pair when each look is separated. I am also a sucker for gowns and evening wear, so I'd say that is my forte too.

TF: What is the fashion scene like in Hong Kong?
Rhoda: Hong Kong fashion is varied, but I've noticed a lot of grunge fashion lately. It is easy to notice styles in Hong Kong because when a new trend comes, it dominates 90% of our population.

TF: How does your cultural surroundings influence your style?
Rhoda: I am not heavily influenced by my cultural surroundings since my love for street style around the world has taken over me, however I think my style covers both easy and chic, perfect for the busy and high-fashion sides of Hong Kong.

TF: What is your favorite look that you've posted so far?
Rhoda: This look. A perfect translation of my style, clean, simple and chic.

TF: What blogs do you like to read?
Rhoda: Fashion blogs of course! Shine by Three, Man Repeller, Kayture, Fashion Toast, Gary Pepper Vintage and the list goes on. I also love health and fitness blogs, can't seem to stop scrolling on those pages.

TF: How do you stay stylish while attending school?
Rhoda: My school does have uniforms which I still can't decide if I am grateful for or not but during that one special last Friday of each month where we have the opportunity to dress down for school, I make sure to stay true to my style. I start by putting together a look as if I was going out to lunch, then switching anything in and out that might be more appropriate for school such as booties for loafers or a nice coat for a chunky scarf.

TF: What are your future goals for your blog and in the fashion industry?
Rhoda: I hope to expand and continue my blog because I really enjoy doing it. As for the fashion industry, my dream is to become a fashion designer with my own brand who showcases during Fashion Week.

Thanks a bunch Rhoda for taking the time out to talk to About.com Teen Fashion! Make sure to check out Rhoda's blog, Style & Shades. You can also learn more about her style by following her on twitter and instagram @adohrwong.
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