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Interview with Luisa Verdee of Green's Life Diary


Who is Luisa Verdee? She's the 20 year old fashion blogger from Mexico behind Green's Life Diary. Sure, there are tons of fashion blogs out there but Luisa's is worth reading because of her fresh approach to casual style that is free of any pretense. We sat down with Luisa to find out about who inspires her style, what the fashion scene is like in her country, and a lot more.

On her blog...

Photo @ luisaverdee.blogspot.com
Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you decided to start a fashion blog. I started my blog because I wanted to have a record of my life. Also, I was going through a hard time and I only wanted to escape and have fun while doing something I like. Besides, one of my main inspirations in fashion is the TV Show, Gossip Girl, and in my country is difficult to find people who like fashion and understand it, so I wanted to see what other girls were saying about fashion and trends.

On her style...

How would you describe your style, and how does it set you apart? Honestly, I am still looking for my own style, I wear what I like and what fits me right. But I am always looking for something to spice up my outfit. I like to feel elegant and comfortable.

On her style icons...

Photo @ luisaverdee.blogspot.com
Do you have any famous (real or fictional) style icons, and if so, what do you love about their style? I have a lot of style icons and I always try to get the best of them and finding a way to make it my own. I will name my top 5: I love Blair Waldorf's preppy and girly style, Adriana's (from Fake-Leather.com) easiness and her amazing ability to match and make every piece unique, Olivia Palermo's elegance, Miroslava Duma's fearless and Emma Stone's sexiness.

On the upcoming Spring season...

What have you added to your wardrobe for Spring '13, or what would you like to add? I just got a leather skirt and some color tights. I am looking for the perfect oxblood jeans and another leather jacket.

On international style...

What is the fashion scene like in Mexico? And what sets it apart from style in the US or European fashion? I thinks Mexico's fashion is unique because of the amazing culture, a lot of textures and colors. The bad thing is that Mexicans are not very aware of fashion and they don't respect it as something important in our culture.

On her favorite pieces...

What is the one item from your closet that you're most attached to and can't live without? My combat boots and my blue riding hood.

On accessorizing...

You have a knack for accessorizing and layering! Can you give other girls any tips about how they can pull it off as flawlessly as you do? I think it depends on every body type, knowing how to mix colors and textures and always looking for only one piece to stand out.

Her styling tips...

Photo @ luisaverdee.blogspot.com
How would you style these three Spring trends: printed jeans, wedge sneakers, and cold shoulder tops? The styling I showed is based on my personal taste. I don't like wedge sneakers for me, I do like them sometimes in other outfits but I honestly will never use them.

On her favorite blogs...

Photo @ luisaverdee.blogspot.com
What other fashion or lifestyle blogs do you love to read? I have a lot of them, but my favorite 3 are Fake-Leather.com, Sketchbooksix.blogspot.com, and NanysKlozet.com.

On her future goals...

Do you hope to work in go to school for and/or work in fashion some day and if so, in what capacity?

I would love to work making video ads for perfumes, but my main goal is work in the organization of different fashion events.

Make sure to visit Luisa's blog Green's Life Diary and like her facebook page. You can also keep up with her outfit posts via lookbook.nu.

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