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15 Last Minute Gifts Under $15


Need that perfect stocking stuffer for your little sis, or something amazing for your bf? Here are 15 totally rad last minute gift for $15 or less.

1. Pluff Wall Decor

Photo @ URBN.com
The Pluff Wall Decor by URBN.com ($14) is a set of 9 three dimensional flowers that affix to any flat surface, and add a whimsical touch to a room. Your bff will love hanging these fun and girlish accents over her bed or bureau.

2. Paper iPhone Amp

Truly a unique gift, the eco-made Paper iPhone 4/4s Amp ($10) from URBN.com is indeed made of paper and will indeed enhance the sound of any iPhone. The perfect gift for an eco-conscious friend with a busted car radio.

3. Korres Lip & Lash Duo

Picture @ Sephora.com
When it comes to playing up your face, everyone knows that the eyes have it and the lips say it all. So give a beauty obsessed friend a treat in the form of the Lip & Lash Duo by Korres via Sephora.com ($10), which includes a warm coral colored lip balm and a voluminizing black mascara.

4. Pave Cone Cuff

Photo @ BaubleBar.com
This gorgeous bracelet is $10 for a limited time at BaubleBar.com -- definitely a steal for such a stunning piece! The perfect gift for someone special in your life, like your mom or your sister.

5. Unique Tights

Photo @ Romwe.com
It’s hard to pick just one pair of these crazy tights from Romwe.com ($14.99)! The tights are sheer/flesh tone to make the patterns look like tattoos, and the patterns range from guns, to minnie mouse, to bones. Perfect for that friend with eclectic taste in fashion who has just about everything!

6. Melting iPhone Case

melting iphone case
Photo @ ShopJeen.com
The coolest phone case on the block (next to the Rabitto, that is) is the melting iPhone case, available at a variety of retailers, including ShopJeen.com ($15). It’s available in a variety of color combinations, and they’re all detachable, making them perfect to mix and match with your bff.

7. Vintage Print Journals

Photo @ Etsy.com
For $13.95 you can get a set of three vintage print journals of your choice from PaperJayneDebbie on Etsy -- that’s three great gifts for three people in your life for less than $15. You can choose the photo/color that best suits their personality and they’ll have something that reminds them of you to jot down their thoughts in for the next year.

8. Crayon Rings

Photo @ Etsy
Etsy is the pace to go for unique and inexpensive gifts. OhMyLuckyStar makes these super fun crayon rings -- they write and they look cool too. Perfect for a friend who loves art or a great stocking stuffer for your younger siblings.

9. Tim Burton Playing Cards

Photo @ MomaStore
Who doesn’t have a friend who’s obsessed with all things Nightmare Before Christmas or the Corpse Bride? This novelty playing card set, which features drawings of many Burton characters on one side, is perfect for just that person.Findit at MomaStore.org for $5.

10. Tape It & Make It

Photo @ Barnes and Noble
A fun gift for any DIY lovers in your life -- this 128 page book will show you how to make a plethora of projects using a pretty common item -- duct tape.
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