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Pumped Up Kicks: 10 Must Have Wedge Sneakers


For many a fashionista, the idea of any kind of a shoe with laces being stylish is nearly unfathomable, but one designer managed to make it happen. You can blame Isabel Marant for one of 2012 and 2013’s hottest trends -- the wedge sneaker. But having a trend forward item that is as comfortable as it is stylish is truly something to be thankful for. Here are our top picks for stylish wedge sneakers with the same designer style, minus the price tag.

1. Faux Suede

Photo @ Forever21.com
It’s hard not to love the Faux Suede Wedge Sneakers $39.80 (Forever21.com); for those who want a pair of wedge sneakers that go with just about anything and stay true to the trend, this is the pair to go with. Not only is the price point great, they also look sleek in modern and are free of any unnecessary frills.

2. Quarter-Strap High-Tops

Photo @ Urbn.com
Black isn’t the only basic in town; the BDG Quarter-Strap High-Top Wedge-Sneaker ($79.00 at UrbanOutfitters.com) looks just is sleek in suede, but in a light shade of gray. With it’s four velcro straps, this pair will keep your feet snug all day and you won’t even have to worry about tying them.

3. Twisted Ocean

Photo @ Kohls.com
For those looking for something a little bit more flashy, Twisted Ocean Wedge Sneakers (on sale for $54.99 at Kohls.com) , which are available in a perforated metallic silver or patent black, both with suede detailing. These high -top wedge sneakers have laces and velcro straps for the best of both worlds.

4. Raise the Bar

Enough black and gray, a girls got to have a little bit of color, right? Try the Skechers 'Plus 3 Raise the Bar' Wedge Sneaker ($79.95 at Sketchers.com). These chic, athletic inspired wedge sneakers come in shades of yellow, pink and orange suede with a rippled high top that’s just to die for.

5. Studs

Photo @ CharlotteRusse.com
Look, color and studs! The Studded Lace-Up Wedge Sneaker ($38.50 from CharlotteRusse.com) comes in two hot colors -- cobalt blue and hot pink. With it’s mixture of leather, suede and silver studs, it’s easy to say that these kicks have a little something for everyone.

6. Shuffle

Another hot pair to try is the Shuffle Wedge Sneaker sneakers from HauteandRebellious.com ($50). These brown suede shoes will add a touch of rustic, effortless style to any pair of skinny jeans or cut-offs.

7. Spike Back

Photo @ CharlotteRusse.com
That’s not all when it comes to spikes. Charlotte Russe has a fabulous pair of spiked wedge sneakers, this time in the form of the Spike Back Lace-Up Wedge Sneaker ($48.50). These fab, tan suede shoes come covered with sharp gold spikes on the heel. Sounds dangerous, huh?

8. Raina

For something with an even more athletic feel, try on the DKNY Lace Up Wedge Sneakers Raina ($85) for size. From a distance they look like your typical running shoes, but up close you’ll notice the sequined stripes and stylish suede details that add flair to this particular style, on top of the black platform.

9. Mixed Media

Photo @ CharlotteRusse.com
As one of the hottest colors of the season, it’s not hard to fathom that a pair of coral wedge sneakers would catch a lot of attention, and add an extra something special to an outfit. The Mixed Media Lace-Up Wedge Sneaker ($40) from Charlotte Russe do just that with leather, patent leather, and suede details. But most of all, it’s the gorgeous shade of fluorescent coral that makes it stand out.

10. Triple Strap

Photo @ CharlotteRusse.com
Charlotte Russe is on a roll with all of their unique and affordable wedge sneakers this season. One pair that is sure to catch your eye is the Studded Triple Strap Wedge Sneaker, why? Because it’s done in army green, which is reminiscent of another great trend this season, camo. Oh, and it’s also got studs -- double win.
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