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Seven Fashion Phone Apps to Inspire Your Style


These days fashion inspiration has moved past traditional print magazines and on to the digital plain. We're more likely to buy something because Susie Bubble wore it than if Anna Wintour approved it. If fashion blogs are in the now, then fashion phone apps are what's next -- and fashion is always about staying ahead of the trend, right? Here are seven great fashion-centric apps for your iphone or android that will inspire your style, help you organize your wardrobe, and so much more.

1. Instagram

Instagram is an app you probably already know about about, and even if you don’t, you probably have a good idea of how it works. A lot of different content can be found on instagram, but the amount of fashion inspiration is pretty astounding. There are thousands of accounts dedicated to style, in some way shape or form. Most fashion and beauty bloggers have an instagram dedicated to their personal style, and many fashion industry insiders do as well, from stylists, to photographers, to editors and everyone in between. On top of that there are a ton of fashion themed instagram accounts that aggregate stylish photos (@fashionbarbies, @fashionarmy, @fashionforall), as well as ones that include the hottest items from indie boutiques (@getfashion, @fashionnslave).

2. Trendable

This app even describes itself as the "Instagram of fashion". You can upload photos of your outfits, add tags and filters, and share them with friends around the world. It might not sound like there's much to distinguish this app from Instagram, but there are some unique features that distinguish it, like the ability to search through images based on garment type, and the ability to tag your outfits with brand names and prices. There are already a bevvy of industry insiders who use the app, from Michael Kors, to Diane Von Furstenburg, bridal designer Monique Lhuillier, and even the Olsen twins.

3. Stylistics

Finally, an app that helps us remember when we last wore something -- now this is an app we can all use! Stylistics is a website and self-described “social closet app”. This app lets you share your closet with other fashion fans, as well as browse and shop the closet’s of celebrities. And yes ,it has that wonderful feature that tells you the last time your wore an item, where you wore it, and also what you wore it with.

4. FashionMix

If you love sites like Shop Style and Polyvore, FashionMix is definitely an app to try out, as it has many of the same features. The focus of this particular app is to put together “fantasy” outfit layouts using items from a variety of brands and online shops. You can then share your looks, give likes on others and get likes on your own.

5. TheHunt

Now here’s an exciting and unique idea for a fashion centric app! TheHunt is a website and a phone app that helps you track hard to find fashion items. When is the last time you pinned a cute dress, or found an amazing pair of shorts on WeHeartIt, only to find out there was no real source attached? Well this site is designed for fashionista’s to help each other track down where they can buy such items. Why didn’t we think of this?

6. Wanelo

Wanelo is both an app and a website, that is sort of a mix between TheHunt and WeHeartIt. It’s one self refreshing, endless feed of excruciatingly cute things, and best of all the prices and links to buy them are tagged in each pic.

7. UrGiftin

Okay, looking at clothes is fun. So is buying clothes. But you know what’s even more fun? Getting clothes for free. No, this app won’t send you clothes free of charge, but they will make it easy for your friends and family to purchase what you want for you. UrGiftin is essentially a wishlist, where you can pick and choose your favorite fashion items and choose what special milestone you would like to receive them for (graduation, birthday, Christmas, etc). But what makes this app unique is that your friends and family can all chip in money to purchase something that they might not be able to afford individually. So go ahead and ask for that coach purse for Valentine’s day.
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