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The Ten Coolest Hoodies Out There!


There's no need to wear that same 'ol ratty sweatshirt this weekend (although I know, it is incredibly comfy) - try on one of these crazy patterned hoodies instead! No matter what your style is, hopefully you're bound to find one that you love.

1. Loyal Army "Junk Food" Hoodie in Light Turquoise, $38

Photo courtesy of Loyal Army.
Covered with images of hot fudge sundaes, cheeseburgers, tacos and french fries, this affordable hoodie is a feast for the eyes! Makes me hungry just looking at it...

2. Bonafide Love "Fair Isle" Hoodie in Chocolate, $38.50

Photo courtesy of Alloy.com.
Break out the hot cocoa, because this one just begs to be snuggled up with! It reminds me of the perfect thing to wear by the fire at a ski chalet – but it'll work just as well to run errands.

3. Heatherette "Alphabet Hoodie" in White Multi, $56.50

Photo courtesy of Delia's.
Brought to you by the outrageous duo of Richie Rich and Traver Rains (two of my favorite designers), this elementary school-like print is just too much fun.

4. Billabong "Hailey Sweatshirt" in Yellow, $59.50

Photo courtesy of Swell.
Almost more like a jacket than a hoodie, this plaid zip-up has a cool toggle front that makes it stand out from the crowd.

5. Famous Stars and Straps "So Here We Are Hoodie" in White, $59.50

Photo courtesy of PacSun.com.
Every girl loves roses, so why not wear 'em all over your sweatshirt? This design by Famous Stars and Straps (a line started by Blink 182's Travis Barker) will add a little sweetness to anything you wear it with.

6. O'Neill "Zennia Sweatshirt" in Merlot, $60

Photo courtesy of Buckle.com.
I love the contrasting prints on this patterned hoodie; it almost seems dressy enough to wear out with black pants, doesn't it?

7. Insight "The Happy Daze Hoody" in Blush, $68

Photo courtesy of Karmaloop.com.
How cute is this? This Insight number has a pretty floral print, and two fluffy pom-poms to boot! I have a serious crush on it - if that's possible.

8. Obey "8 Track Zip Hoodie" in Yellow, $75

Photo courtesy of Moda3.com.
Brought to you by streetwear brand Obey (which actually got started from the designs of street artist Shepard Fairey), this uber-chic design reminds me of the doodles people draw in their notebooks during class - but in a good way.

9. LOT29 "Miss Multi Hoodie," $79

Photo courtesy of DrJays.
How fun is this! LOT29 got all of your favorite Looney Toons characters (Tweety, Bugs, Taz and Daffy) together on one adorable sweatshirt design.

10. Kidrobot "Munny Stroll Hoodie" in Emerald, $175

Photo courtesy of Kidrobot.
OK, there's no doubt that this funky choice is totally expensive, but for collectors out there it's an extremely limited edition! Not only that, it's also just downright adorable. Pretty sweet, right?
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