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The Perfect Hat for You!


Whether you're having a bad hair day or just want to try out a new look, headwear is the perfect way to do it! Trust me, I know that it takes guts to pull it off, but that's what fashion is all about, right? And to make sure that you're rocking your chapeau the coolest way possible, here are some tips on the best hats for your face shape and hairstyle:

Beret: Best for Girls with Bangs

Photo courtesy of Target.
If you've got blunt-cut bangs, then try out a beret: It's a combo made in fashion heaven! Just try not to pull the hat down too far on your forehead.

Conductor: Best for Rounder Faces

Photo courtesy of Gap.
Round-faced gals will look amazing in this type of cap, because the tall lines of the crown will balance out softness in the cheeks. It's also a great choice to wear with short hair!

Knit Beanie: Best for Petite Faces

Photo courtesy of Columbia.
If you have a petite head or a small face, this is the style for you. Since it fits closely against the head, it won't overwhelm your pretty little mug.

Newsboy: Best for Oval Faces

Photo courtesy of Swell.com.
Oval-faced girls will benefit from the angles in a newsboy; they'll draw attention up toward the eyes. And it's best to keep hair long and loose when wearing this cap – otherwise it may look a little too menswear-ish.

Cocktail Hat: Best for Risk Takers

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters.
No matter what face shape you have, you've gotta be brave to hit the town in this number. To let the hat take center-stage, try sweeping your hair back into a low bun or ponytail.

Fedora: Best for Square or Triangular Faces

Photo courtesy of Brixton Ltd.
Fedoras are red-hot right now, especially for girls with square or triangular-shaped faces. To flaunt the look, just tilt the hat at an angle – that will really show off your killer cheekbones.

Floppy: Best for Longer Faces

Photo courtesy of Bloomingdale's.
If you have a longer face, a floppy hat is an amazing way to make it look a bit shorter. Again, this one takes some guts, but just think: It's also working to shield your face from damaging sun rays!
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