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Must Have: Cute Umbrellas


No matter your style, there's no doubt that everyone needs a cute umbrella. Here are some of the most fashionable parasols out there - bound to make you smile on a rainy day!

1. Urban Outfitters "Clear Bubble Umbrella" in Cobalt, $18

Photo © Urban Outfitters.
A nod to retro design, this clear plastic umbrella gives you instant style points.

2. Target "Stripe Bubble Umbrella" in Yellow, $21.99

Photo © Target.
Striped PVC makes this large umbrella with a 46" arc both fun and functional.

3. Hello Kitty "Pink & Black Umbrella," $23

Photo © Sanrio.
A girlie cartoon print updates a traditional umbrella shape.

4. Coby "Eco Umbrella," $29.95

Photo © Crate & Barrel.
Cute and eco-friendly, this model has a canopy made from recycled plastic bottles, a renewable bamboo handle, and a hemp strap.

5. Galleria "Big Flower Auto Open Stick Umbrella," $30

Photo © Ebags.com.
A little flower power never hurts, so why not reach for this daisy stick style the next time there are showers?

6. Totes "Vintage Stick Umbrella" in Black Heritage Toile, $30

Photo © Totes.
Almost too beautiful to get wet, this fully functional parasol has tassel details and is trimmed in luxe lace.

7. Marimekko "Silkkikuikka Umbrella," $40

Photo © Finnstyle.com.
For Pop Art lovers, this print from Marimekko instantly brightens a cloudy day - and the red wooden handle adds extra pizzazz.

8. Pylones "Cat Umbrella" in Purple, $50

Photo © Pylones.
Cat lovers will flip over this style with its carved kitten handle.

9. Echo "Medallion Clear Stick Umbrella" in Geranium, $52

Photo © Echo Design.
Durable PVC gets a pick-me-up from a happy geometric print.

10. Felix Rey "Leopard Print Umbrella With Fuchsia Ruffle," $85

Photo © Felix Rey.
As lush as it gets, this leopard-print parasol has a shiny gold lining.
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