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Affordable Summer Dresses Under $40


The temperature's rising, so whether you have a fun vacation planned or just want to look cute kickin' it around the neighborhood, it's time to break out the sundresses! There are so many adorable – and affordable – versions out there this season, so get ready to start shopping for dresses under $40 from these stores.

1. Wet Seal

Photo courtesy of Wet Seal.

Wet Seal is a great place to start looking for dresses under $40. They feature of-the-moment looks around $22.50!

2. Forever 21

Photo courtesy of Heritage 1981.

The cream of the crop when it comes to affordable dressing, Forever 21 has countless options of cheap dresses.

3. Old Navy

Photo courtesy of Old Navy.

Trust me on this one: Extra-long dresses are the next big thing! And instead of paying a fortune for one from a trendy designer, check out Old Navy's affordable options.

4. Alloy

Photo courtesy of Alloy.

Alloy.com is a great place to look for dresses, and they even have some options that are reversible! It’s like getting two pieces for one great price.

5. Roxy

Photo courtesy of Roxy.

While some of their offerings can be a bit pricier, you can still find some short dresses from Roxy for under $40. And the brand's surfer style is perfect for warm weather!

6. Delia's

Photo courtesy of Delia's.

Delia's is a great option for affordable dresses that not everyone in your school will have.

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