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Fashion Questions - How To Wear Clothing


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Fashion Questions - How To Wear Clothing - Questions About Fashion
Fashion Questions - Cocoon Shaped Coat
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Questions About Fashion - "How To Wear" Style Guide

Fashion Questions

Too scared to wear ankle boots? Cocoon shapes? Skinny jeans? Don't be! You've got fashion questions and we've got the answers to keep every body-type comfortably trendy!

Silhouettes, Jackets, Coats - We've all seen some really fun silhouettes and shapes in the magazines or coming down the runway, but once they're off the models and in our closets, it can be troublesome finding ways to translate these styles into real life!

How to Wear Cocoon Shapes
How to Wear Winter Capes
How to Wear Trapeze Shapes

Dresses, Skirts - Dresses and skirts have been great feminine basics for as long as anyone can remember. But insert whatever latest trend into the equation, and many of us can end up feeling...too tall, too short, too broad shouldered, too narrow hipped, too SOMETHING, since every body is SO different and unfortunately, most garments are made with only generic dress-form sizing in mind.

How to Wear Sweater Dresses
How to Wear Mini Dresses

Tops, Sweaters, Shirts - So you've been eyeing up that breezy jumper tank at the mall but you're afraid of looking pregnant, right? We know, we've been there too. Tops can be tricky...but we're here to help you find the best way to wear them for YOUR body-type!

How to Wear Tunic Tops
How to Wear Henley Sweaters
How to Wear Jumper Tops

Bottoms, Jeans, Pants - Wearing skinny jeans when not exactly "skinny"? How to rock high-waisted pants without looking like Urkel? What if one has a full rear with a tiny waist? The problems pants can present are endless.

How to Wear Skinny Jeans
How to Wear Leggings
How to Wear High Waisted Pants

Accessories, Handbags, Jewelry - It looked so easy when you saw it on your favorite celebrity, but maybe when you tried it you looked a little 'bag lady'-ish or like your mother's jewelry box had exploded on you? We're not trying to insult you, we're just remembering things that have happened to us. Hopefully we can save you from the lessons of trial and error we've suffered through, with these quick little guides!

How to Wear Layered Necklaces
How to Wear Thick Belts
How to Wear Wayfarer Sunglasses
What to Wear With Quilted Chain-strap Handbags

Footwear, Shoes, Boots - Do you think that ankle boots are only for petite sprites? Or, that over-the-knee boots only look good on tall, curvy glamazons? Think again! Worn correctly, footwear can be universal!

How to Wear Ankle Boots
How to Wear Over-The-Knee Boots
How to Wear Ballet Flats

One-Pieces, Rompers, Other - Every now and then, an item of clothing comes into style that could potentially leave you looking like a circus clown, airpilot, aerobics instructor, sleeping grandpa or farmer...which is fine, if that's what you are or the look you're going for. If you're not, and were hoping to look more like a cutting-edge young fashionista in your overalls and thermals, then you might want to check out these articles for a little heads up first.

How to Wear Rompers
How to Wear Thermal Loungewear

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