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Do-It-Yourself Fashion

If you've got a creative streak, or just want to make a one-of-a-kind fashion item, we've got just the thing for you! We'll show you how to customize your basics into designer-worthy duds.
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  2. DIY Tops

15 Creative Ways to Organize & Display Your Jewelry
Showcase your jewelry and keep it from tangling with these 15 stylish organizational ideas!

Top Online Fashion Games & Apps
Six hot fashion game apps for iphone, andriod, facebook, and tablets.

DIY: Learn How to Tie-Dye
Wanna add a little hippie chick chic to your closet? Then follow these tie-dye techniques from Rain Blanken, About.com's Guide to DIY Fashion, and you'll be rocking your rainbow gear in no time!

Jewelry Making for Beginners
Not so crafty but want to learn some tricks? Find out how to use stuff around the house to make some kickin' jewelry, courtesy of Rain Blanken, About.com Guide to DIY Fashion.

DIY: A Sparkly Rhinestone-Encrusted Key Necklace!
I remember when I was little and I had to wear a key on a chain around my neck every day so I could get in the house after class. Well, now thanks to the ultra-cool staff at CosmoGIRL! that look is totally chic! Read on to find out how to make a rhinestone-covered version of the old-school staple.

DIY: How to Screen Print
Dying to make a message T-Shirt that says exactly what you want? Then try screen printing it yourself! It may sound complicated, but thanks to these tips from Rain Blanken, About.com Guide to DIY Fashion, it's a snap.

Step-by-Step: Remake a T-Shirt
Have an old tee lying around that needs some fashion magic? Have a creative streak? Combine the two, throw in some tips from author Megan Nicolay, and you've got a hot new style!

DIY: Recycle Your Old Clothes into New Looks
Don't throw away those ratty tees just yet! Follow these tips from Rain Blanken, About.com Guide to DIY Fashion, and you can renew your wardrobe with funky one-of-a-kind pieces you make yourself.

DIY: A Henry Holland-esque T-Shirt!
If you're a fashion die-hard, you've probably heard of Henry Holland and his super-fab graphic tees by now. Henry's tops cost around 50 bucks each, but Teen Vogue will show you how you can make one on the cheap!

DIY: Make Some Dangly Bead Earrings!
Tired of having the same 'ol jewelry as everyone else at school? Well then get cracking and whip up a fabulous pair of earrings yourself - with the help of the staff at CosmoGIRL!

DIY: Turn an Old T-Shirt into a New Tank Top
If you can't thread a needle, this is the craft for you! Just follow these simple no-sew instructions from Rain Blanken, About.com Guide to DIY Fashion, and your old T-Shirt will have new life as a tank top in no time.

DIY: Create a Flowered Headband!
Got a dirty headband that you want to spruce up? Got a glue gun (be careful - the glue in those suckers is hot!)? Put 'em together and create a hair accessory masterpiece with tips from the folks at the DIY Network!

DIY: An Adorable Button Bracelet!
Oversize buttons are a hallmark of top designers like Marc Jacobs, and here's how you can make a totally cute button bracelet for next to nothing. Just thank CraftBits.com for the idea!

DIY: Erin Fetherston's Flowered Hair Accessory
Fresh off her limited-edition collection for Target, designer Erin Fetherston teamed up with Teen Vogue to show you how to make a cool flowered headband for practically nothing!

DIY: Generra's One-Shouldered T-Shirt
Generra is one of the coolest brands out there for jeans and T-Shirts (Jennifer Aniston wears her jeans EVERYWHERE), and now you can make a couture-looking one-shouldered tee yourself! Just check out these simple instructions from Teen Vogue and Generra's Pina Ferlisi.

DIY: Marchesa's Update on the Little Black Dress
Marchesa is one of Hollywood's favorite go-to labels for red carpet events (Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway and Lindsay Lohan are huge fans), so it's a real treat to be able to learn how to make a dress like theirs for hardly nada! Here, Marchesa's designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig tell the editors at Teen Vogue the step-by-step rundown for getting the look!

How to Start A Fashion Blog
Are you the internet's next style star? Learn how to launch a popular fashion blog in five easy steps.

DIY: Phillip Lim's Update on a White Oxford Shirt
Got an old button-down shirt sitting around that could use a refresher? Just try following these genious tips from Teen Vogue and up-and-coming fashion designer Phillip Lim, and you'll have a trendy new look in no time!

DIY: Prom Gloves by Christoper Kane
If you're looking for an easy and inexpensive way to take your prom dress to the next level - this is it! British fashion sensation Christopher Kane teamed up with Teen Vogue to show you how to make some party-ready gloves in a jiffy!

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