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The Cutest, Comfiest, Loungewear and Pajama Pants


Whether you're at the dorm, a slumber party, or just chillin' around the house, you want to hang out in style, right? No need to look any further: Here are the cutest lounge and pajama pants out there!

1. Target "Hello Kitty Cropped Pants" in Green/Pink, $12.99

Photo courtesy of Target.
If you love Hello Kitty like I do, then you'll swoon over these crops. They've also got an elastic waistband and a snap closure to keep them from riding down.

2. 1>0 "Brushed Cotton Cropped Pants" in Black, Olive or Chocolate, $28 each

Photo courtesy of Intuition.
Eight girls from New York banded together to form “One is Better than None,” which raises money for rescue missions. By snagging these pants you can help provide a child with shelter, food, warmth, and education – and look hot in the process!

3. Aerie "Graphic Pushup Pant" in Wild Pink, $29.50

Photo courtesy of Aerie.
From American Eagle, these cropped pants have a drawstring waist that makes them extra-comfortable. Bonus: They're available in sizes XXS-XL.

4. Hue "Garden Stripe Capri," $30

Photo courtesy of Hue.
Cheery stripes give a little extra zest to these pajama pants.

5. Victoria's Secret Pink "Poplin Scrub Pant" in Star Stripe, $32.50

Photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret Pink.
Pink makes some of the most fun scrubs around, and this striped pair is no exception. They also come in several other prints, so feel free to find your fave.

6. Hollister "Woods Cove" pants in Pink, $34.50

Photo courtesy of Hollister.
About as cool as they come, these sweats are versatile enough to wear out of the house on weekends.

7. Junk Food "Little Miss Fun" pants in Blue, $38

Photo courtesy of Kitson.
If you're the life of the party, these adorable pants are for you!

8. Scanty "Owl Crop Pant" in White, $57

Photo courtesy of Revolve Clothing.
With funny little owls all over them, these pants from super-cool pajama brand Scanty are a hoot!

9. PJ Salvage "Beach Paisley Pant" in Pink, $65

Photo courtesy of PJ Salvage.
Reminiscent of Palm Beach in the 1970’s, these terry pants are so soft you'll never want to take them off.

10. Kritik "Haley Terry Pant" in Navy, $123

Photo courtesy of Shopbop.com.
A fave of the young Hollywood set, these wide-leg pants are undoubtedly pricey, but you'll be able to wear them out on the town, too.
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